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Mr. Silva is keenly aware of the lack of interesting roles for women, and older women in particular. If you are tired of inconsequential female characters, get ready to sharpen your skills. You will be challenged as an actress. These women will test your full range.

     Check out Allana Sophie O'Malley. Disowned and excommunicated, Allana is a 75 year old woman with a bitter past. She is at once hilarious and heartbreaking as she oscillates between lunacy and lucidity. Allana is a fountain of wisdom who richly deserves to be redeemed for the mistakes she made long ago. You will find Allana in Damaged Goods.

     Also in Damaged Goods are Misty Steadiman and Alma Gravenstein. Misty is a young woman of extraordinary kindness and emotional intelligence. Her story will break your heart. Misty ages from 21 to 37. Alma is a pregnant, street-wise 17 year old who happens upon the kindness of strangers. Untaught and rough around the edges, Alma somehow finds the wisdom to guide her through an extremely difficult decision.

     Sink your teeth into Phyllis Lamont, a tough minded talk show host who is taken hostage by a renegade killer. She knows she is going to die any minute and decides to go out getting her story. Phyllis' strength, and courage reside in Accomplice . She is about 50 years old.

     Explore the long arc of Katherine, a graceful lady in her early 60s. Callously betrayed as a young woman, she endures her hardships and finds a strong sense of self. Robbed of the most precious things about a relationship, she refuses to give into bitterness. She carries on with dignity, forgiveness, and a quiet strength. Katherine's wisdom and compassion are found in From Time to Time.

     Two breathtaking women leap to life in The Beauty - one who can only take and one who can only give. They seldom meet, but their stories are intertwined in the poverty and riches of Europe from 1870 to 1900.

Marielle is a French orphan with no last name. She grows from an innocent young woman who falls in love, learns about the world, and finds fame and adulation. Trapped by her beauty, she experiences heartbreak and humiliation in her later years. She ends up a victim of her own kindness. Marielle ages from 25 to 52.

Lady Gilden is an Irish aristocrat with no first name. She has squandered the potential of her life, choosing to use her beauty to take the easy path. Her wit and intelligence cannot save her as she ruthlessly seeks to satisfy a need that can never be filled and even she doesn't understand . She faces an old age of isolation and loneliness - or an untimely death. Lady Gilden ages from 32 to 62.

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